From the Second World War to the present

In 1940, the Assistent was launched by Swedish white goods manufacturer Electrolux.

The streamlined design, typical of its time, came from the mind of industrial designer Alvar Lenning. Over time this kitchen assistant became a common sight in Swedish kitchens. In 1969, production moved to Ankarsrum, where all the aluminium components, such as the arm, the arm attachment, the upper stand and the mincer and its parts, as well as the electrical motor, are all still cast, processed and assembled today. Parts that they cannot maufacture themselves, they buy locally, often within the same municipality. The goal is to produce the world's best kitchen machine. The Ankarsrum Original has been voted Best in test on numerous occasions. 

Both my grandmothers' owned an Assistent and some 50-60 years later both machines are still working. One is in my mother's kitchen and one is in my own. That is a proof of quality.