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Molecular mixology kit

Impress your friends with three recipes that push the boundaries of modern mixology! Add a molecular twist to your traditional cosmo sure to awe yourguests! Serve a cosmopolitan bubble on a spoon that will pop in your mouth, top off your cocktail with a light fluffy cranberry foam or suspend citrus caviar in your drink.



Natural texturing agents can now be used to deconstruct your favorite cocktail.

 ENCAPSULATED COSMO: Encapsulate your cosmo into a large sphere that will burst in your mouth

 CRANBERRY FOAM: Top your cosmopolitan with a light, tasty cranberry foam

 CITRUS CAVIAR: Create spectacular floating caviar with a liquid interior



- 3 food additives (10 sachets)

- 2 pipettes

- 1 slotted spoon

- 1 silicone mold

- 1 booklet with 3 molecular cosmopolitan recipes


List of the additives included:

  • 4 sachets / net 20g - Calcium Lactate
  • 4 sachets / net 8g - Sodium Alginate
  • 2 sachets / net 4g - Soy Lecithin