Ankarsrum Basic Package

Ankarsrum Basic Package

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Each Ankarsrum Original includes a seven-litre stainless steel bowl, dough roller, dough knife, dough scraper, dough hook, yeast lid and a double beater with associated 3.5 litre mixing bowl. The exceptionally quiet yet strong 800 W motor, with a five-year guarantee, has continuous speed control and a timer, as well as a unique gear construction located directly under the bowl, which makes the machine strong and robust. The Ankarsrum Original kneads up to five kilograms of dough at a time. Most older accessories work on the new machines, and vice versa. That goes without saying, we think.

Ankarsrum Original Technical Data
Output: 800 W on 230/240 V and 600 W on 110/120 V
Height: 360 mm (14,1 in)
Width: 268 mm (10,6 in)
Depth: 400 mm (15,7 in)
Weight: 8.6 kg (19 lb)
Available colours AKM6220 and AKM6290: Black, black chrome, mineral white, crème, crème light, pure orange, metallic red, royal blue, pearl blue, pearl green and pearl pink.
Other: Continuous speed regulation. Overload protection.
Capacity: 5 kg (11 lb) dough or 1.5 litres (7 cups) of liquid dough

Standard equipment in the Basic package
• 7 litre (30 cups) stainless steel bowl
• Dough roller, dough knife, dough hook and dough scraper
• 3.5 litre (15 cups) plastic beater bowl with balloon and cookie whisks

The Deluxe package also includes.
• A mincer including 4.5 mm (0,18 in) hole disc, strainer, grater, cookie attachment, 
pasta attachment, sausage filler component 20mm, meat grinder and plunger
• Citrus press
• Mixer in unbreakable plastic with 1.7 litre (7 cups) capacity